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Kobe is one of the cities suggested for international tourisum with full of highlights including historical. Western style residences and lively Nanking-machi(Kobe's Chinatown). Close to our hotel, there are former foreign setlements of Kobe where many famous brands have now established stores.

Rooms & Suites

To provide all our guests with time to refresh body and mind, a spirit of hospitality is devoted to each room.
The special time spent here, spellbound by the night views of Kobe, will remain among life’s indelible moments. Spaces designed on the basic concept of “simplicity & elegance” are waiting for your visit.

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A relaxing hotel stay, brightened by the quality accommodations.

Elegant spaces, away from the ordinary while offering the comforts of home.
Guest rooms are available for all kinds of situations, whether for business use, traveling with family, or celebrating a life milestone with someone dear.

The glistening port city is yours for viewing at your leisure.

At the Hotel Okura Kobe, take in the famous “ten million dollar night view” right from your guest room. Depending on the room location, views to the east, west, south, or north can be enjoyed from the large windows in each room.

The Rokko mountain range displays a myriad of colors with the changing seasons. Looking out at the skyline of the bay area, home to the Port of Kobe, at night time the lights on the grand Ferris wheel at Kobe Harborland and on the cruise ships in the bay sparkle like jewels, while in the morning you awake to a splendid sunrise.

Start off your morning with a tantalizing assortment of breakfast delights.

Upon waking up refreshed, it’s time for the Hotel Okura Kobe breakfast. Our signature breakfast dishes are waiting for you after a sound night’s rest.

Choose from a wide variety of Japanese and Western foods at our buffet, or enjoy a leisurely breakfast in your own room by making use of room service. Be sure to try the Okura traditional fluffy French toast, made to perfection after a full day of preparation. An elegant way to begin a new day.

Authentic restaurant dishes are delivered to your own relaxing space.

Your room is soon transformed into a restaurant steeped in tradition. Dishes prepared with utmost care at each of the hotel’s restaurants are delivered to your room hot from the kitchen.
Sit back while the table setting and other arrangements are taken care of for you.

Enjoy delicious dining to your heart’s content, in a private space. This, too, is a form of luxury, for yourself or for sharing with family or a dear friend.

Restaurant & Bar

Whether celebrating a life milestone, raising glasses with someone dear, or entertaining an important business client, Hotel Okura Kobe dishes that please the most sophisticated tastes, and the quality hospitality, add the right touches to every scene.

  • Teppanyaki
  • Chinese
    Fine Dining
  • Café restaurant
  • Japanese
    Fine Dining
  • Sushi
  • Tempura
  • Bar
  • Buffet

Teppanyaki "Sazanka"

A gourmet performance played on grill and flame.

As you overlook the port from the top floor of the hotel, sounds of sizzling foods arise from the teppan grill. This is one of the prime spots in Kobe. Luxurious foods are prepared one after another, from the top-grade Kobe beef to succulent lobster and duck foigras.

Watching the deft display of the chef’s art is one of the attractions. Accompanied by the dancing flame, the foods are cooked with precise timing, being sure to capture the flavors at their peak. The modern style with a French essence is yours to enjoy in a romantic setting.

Chinese Fine Dining "Toh-ka-lin"

A harmony of delectable items, created in collaboration between Kobe and Guangzhou, China.

Authentic Cantonese cuisine, steeped in the tradition of Guangzhou, China, famous as a “treasure house of food,” is made with a wealth of ingredients for which Kobe is known. Enjoy the refined tastes of traditionally prepared Chinese dishes.

Choose from a menu full of sumptuous dishes that highlight the savory tastes of their ingredients, whether Peking Duck, braised whole shark fin, dim sum served steaming hot, or wagyu sirloin steak. Feast on cuisine that is both delicate and dynamic.

Café restaurant "Camellia"

From a relaxing café experience to an evening of tasty delights.

A variety of Western dishes loved by people of all ages are available, including the traditional Hotel Okura French toast, hamburger steaks, and cream croquettes. Top-notch meals are served, combining generations of Okura tradition with the chef’s spirit of inquiry.

There are options for each purpose, whether café time for enjoying cakes made by the hotel pâtissier, a casual course meal, light snacks in between busy times, or afternoon tea.

Japanese Fine Dining "Yamazato"

Carefully crafted down to the finest details, to be savored with all five senses.

Outside the windows letting in rays of light, the changing seasons display their beauty. The freshly sprouting leaves of spring, or the fiery red autumn leaves, add color to the delicate tastes.

Here you can experience the depth of Japanese culinary culture, from a set meal of colorful delights to a full-course banquet of exquisite seasonal dishes from the mountains and seas, all prepared with steady-handed skills polished in the world of master chefs.

Sushi "Hamaiso"

Fashionable conversation adds an accent to in-season delights.

With a few deft strokes of a shining knife, the chef makes quick work of fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea. The hustle and bustle of everyday life quickly fade away, as the chef displays his well-honed skills surrounded by the serene beauty of the Japanese architecture.

The sashimi --expertly sliced raw fish-- and a la carte dishes are exquisite. From the fresh ingredients made possible by the location in port city Kobe, to Edo-style sushi with its long history. Savor the sushi one piece at a time, each offering tastes of the season.

Tempura "Nishiki"

Delightful mouthfuls of gorgeous craftsmanship.

Prawns and a wide variety of other in-season tempura, splendid like works of art. Coated in a beautiful thin batter, the seafoods and vegetables are passed one by one from the chef’s own hands.

At the counter, carved from a single slab of aromatic cypress, mouthfuls of tasty tempura are prepared just for you. Besides being a place to celebrate special occasions, the seasons can be enjoyed with a lovely lunch. A single bite is like the sudden blooming of a flower, providing an indescribable experience.

Main Bar "Emerald"

In a sophisticated setting made for adults, enjoy the bar offerings to your heart’s content.

A place set apart from the outside world, where time goes by at a leisurely pace. The counter, polished to a lustrous finish. A time for quiet conversation at an authentic bar overlooking a Japanese garden.

The skilled bartender, with a quarter century of experience behind the counter, will brighten your night with a wide-ranging menu. Be sure to try the fruit cocktail, made for each season with an extravagance of fruits.

Buffet Restaurant "Ariake"

“Only what you like” must be the biggest luxury of all.

The full-course offerings, served one dish at a time, are also excellent; but today you are set on eating only what you want to eat. There is nothing like the enjoyment of a buffet, where you choose for yourself.

A variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes are served, showing off the considerable talents of the chef. Dishes like omelets and French toast are served piping hot from the live kitchen. Take your time tasting the foods that have been prepared for you.
Our signature breakfast buffet dishes are also served here.


Whether small gatherings that warm the heart, precious occasions celebrating life’s milestones, or international conferences, everyone who attends an Okura gathering will be welcomed with first-class hospitality.
Everyone who attends an Okura gathering will be welcomed with first-class hospitality.

  • MICE
  • Banquet hall

Drawing on a wealth of accomplishments and experience, we will continue supporting the future of Kobe.

MICE is an acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions/Events.

At the Hotel Okura Kobe, we create places for lively human interaction, helping at every step of the way, from MICE preparation to hosting, toward solving business issues.

The tradition and essence of hospitality, connecting heart to heart.

The magnificent large banquet hall on the ground floor, 3 Sky Banquets on the high atop the hotel with its views of Kobe below, and many other banquet halls are available for gatherings large and small.
Hotel staff with a wealth of experience will help you choose a hall best fitted to your needs.


Access to the Hotel Okura Kobe is shown here. The hotel is located at just the right distance from Kobe-Sannomiya, with its heavy concentration of train lines, airport limousine buses, and route buses departing and arriving to and from other areas. Despite its location in a major urban area, coming to this tradition-rich hotel feels like visiting a resort.

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